BAROCK PROJECT came to life in 2003. The band’s aim was to combine the perfect structure of classical music (mainly baroque music) with modern rock, adding some jazz harmonies and an underlying pop structure. The mastermind behind the project is the band’s founder and keyboard player Luca Zabbini, a trained pianist and composer. In 2005 the band recorded their first album, “Misteriose Voci”, which will be released only in 2007 by Musea Records. In the summer of 2009 the band released its second album “Rebus”, on the italian label Mellow. This album also received positive reviews from around the world. This album was followed in March 2012 by the release of the band’s third record, “Coffee In Neukolln”, considered by many as the best prog release of that year and it was nominated in the Prog Awards 2012 for Best Album. In 2014 the band performed at the “2 Days Prog + 1 Festival” in Veruno, Italy’s most important Prog Rock Festival. Towards the end of 2014 bass player Giambattista Giorgi leaves the project leaving Luca Zabbini to play and re-record the bass lines on the forthcoming album. January 2015, Barock Project announce their 4th album, “Skyline”, with artwork by Paul Whitehead, best known for his Genesis album covers. The album also features a guest appearance from Vittorio De Scalzi of the New Trolls as guest vocalist and on flute. In spring 2016, the band releases the first live album called “Vivo”(a double cd) with over 2 hours of music. In March 2017 the band release the album “Detachment” , considered by many the best prog rock album of the year. In the same year the band plays in prestigious festivals, from Boerderij Rock (Holland) to Tsutaya O-East (Tokyo, Japan). In 2018 the band performed again in Holland and at RosFest in the U.S. and was heralded as the best new set of the year. In summer Barock Project performed again in Japan, with a big show at Tsutaya O-West in Tokyo and concluding a year of live music with a great concert at Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome.