music: L.Zabbini

lyrics: G.Franceschetti

Once, I learned a trick that pushed me too far.
My eyes stared back too long, so it seemed
my mouth, somehow, disappeared
blurred in overlap, my hand went through the glass, effortlessly.

I felt cold, disturbed, confused and amazed…
my arms, my face, my body passed through.
I found myself invisible,
I turned to see back through the glass, stood still a shape of me.

There, I found the freedom walking around the house
and on the street invisible, incredible!
No one could see me and I felt just like a ghost
going through doors and walls of bricks and of concrete, in a heartbeat.

I then saw the truth no one could reveal,
could hide no more your secretes from me
I found you all in misery
No one was saved, and kids like pets were trained to parade

There, I found the essence of a world unknown…
behind the mask, detestable, forgettable.
No one could see me as I walked back to my place,
crossed back the mirror to the shape waiting for me, peacefully.

lead vocals – acoustic guitars – piano – bass – percussions