music: L.Zabbini

lyrics: L.Zabbini

She walks very nervously today
She looks down, spacing in the ice
She seems shed like to talk about her past
Imprisoned in a future that’s not here.
Gray silent buildings standing up
Childhood games from stolen memories
When the tank used to wake her up at night
Only for glorious parades.

An icy past and nothing new
She doesn’t talk about it anymore
You wouldn’t understand
There’s a shy look in her eyes
If only i could see her face
Hidden in the gray

She wears thick old fashioned clothes
An Hairdo clearly out of style
She lights another cigarette
In the shadow of old giants on the road

You couldn’t get close to her
She wouldnt tell you anything
But you could maybe see her smile
Today is an ordinary day
There’s nothing wrong in dreaming of
Someone’s elses life.
And while the snow, indifferent
fell down covering her coat
regardless of her thoughts
It fully buried without grace
where her little dreams remain
wiping out her smile.

Then slowly she walked away
where would she had to go, i don’t know
only a girl from Chemnitz knows
Dark, heavy northern skies
crossing old soviet cars
now only leave her silent words.

lead vocals – acoustic guitars – piano – bass – percussions