music: L.Zabbini

lyrics: A.De Sarno

My fields glowed in wonder
Before the white man had come to steal
This time we’ll call night
Though I knew inside me
Over plains of green grass
Uncommon now as bright gold in hay
This flight is bound now
For a new dead end space
Still all the skies remain wide open
With hardly a thought to brush aside
With ivory manes and unreal seas
We wondered why
When everyone will try to spread disease
We Just tried and did our best
We had to be the ones

We felt the weight of numbers
We turned around and the breeze called our name
My mind rolling thunder
Till they ceased forcing smiles
Their love like fire we could breathe
With every soul I know would bleed
But our sorrow would not look away that day
And the answer is a love supreme
Now holds what seems a mystery
We had to be the ones

Someone saw you cast to the bottom of the sea
It seems that gold won’t stay afloat
We tried with all our might
This beast could not be steered
No matter how we tried to put this creature down
Like titans emerging from the past
This final storm is slowly clearing
Your dark empire calling me
Even this fire could not douse my flaming fate
When it came along East of Venus
Into the sacred sun we dance
No time now to be the best
We have to be the ones
Just forget
We circle overhead
We’re outside all seasons and mistakes

lead vocals – acoustic guitars – keyboards

lead vocals (in middle part)

electric guitars