Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Luca Zabbini was born on March 26, 1984 near Bologna. Blessed with perfect pitch, he was surrounded by music from birth, thanks to his pianist grandfather, flutist and saxophonist father, and drummer uncle. At the age of six, he began piano lessons, and soon after, he took his first steps in improvisation by playing along with his father's vinyl records, including those of Emerson Lake & Palmer. This sparked Luca's love for music and Keith Emerson's keyboard style. In 1996, he formed his first band, K2, with which he performed progressive rock pieces by E.L.&P. and P.F.M. In 1997, at the age of thirteen, he enrolled in the conservatory at the "O. Vecchi" Institute in Modena as a pianist, and two years later, he also began studying composition. He graduated with honors in piano in 2009 and in composition in 2011 with top marks. During his conservatory years, he wrote numerous pieces for various ensembles and in different styles. Among his favorite composers are B. Bartók, S. Prokofiev, S. Rachmaninoff, A. Ginastera, and especially J.S. Bach. Since 2001, he has been active in various national cover bands, performing concerts all over Italy. In 2004, he toured as a keyboardist in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar in various Italian theaters, while also gaining experience with national cover bands, piano bars, and summer seasons in tourist villages, including international tours. In 2006, he completed writing a Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. In 2003, he realized his dream of forming the band Barock Project, with the desire to blend the freshness and creativity of symphonic and classical music with the rigor of modern pop structure. He has collaborated live and in the studio with various Italian famous artists. In 2020, he participated in the composition and arrangement of P.F.M.'s album 'I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep' (released in 2021), in addition to being the keyboardist. In 2021, he released his solo album 'One', entirely composed, played, and recorded by himself in his home studio during the 2020 lockdown. Since 2007, he has taught music at various schools and is currently a piano teacher at the "Musicology" school in Modena. He also works as an arranger and music producer. He is an official endorser of the music production company IK Multimedia. Since 2022, he is keyboardist, rhythm guitarist, and vocalist on tour with Italian prog band P.F.M.


Drums and Percussions

Born in Modena on May 15, 1989. His musical journey began at the age of 8, playing the guitar through municipal courses with various teachers, and continuing with this instrument for ten years until adulthood. In 2007, he switched to the drums, and in 2012, he joined Barock Project as the new drummer. From 2012 to 2015, he attended the Modern Music Institute in Modena, where he graduated. Since 2018, he has been teaching and continues his live and studio activities. Apart from music, he loves animals, reading, and good food.


Electric Guitars

Born in 1989, he developed an early interest in music, bringing Lucio Dalla's vinyl records to preschool at the age of 3. At 12, he picked up the guitar, captivated by the world of rock and bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. He discovered jazz during his studies at the Conservatory of Ferrara. Over the years, he has performed live in numerous settings, collaborating with various local artists, including Alberto Bertoli, Marco Dieci, Lorenzo Campani, and Marco Baroni. In 2012, he auditioned as a guitarist and officially joined Barock Project.


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Born in Ferrara on January 3, 1981. Lead singer of the Italian prog rock band Barock Project since 2016, backing vocalist in Michele Luppi's band (Whitesnake) since 2014, and singer, bassist, and founder of the rock cover band Alex Mari & The Lovers since 2013 and the Queen tribute band “Queen & The Choir” (from 2015 to present). Additionally, he collaborates as a songwriter and musician with rapper and sports commentator Max Fogli in the band Rock Legend (since 2020) and has collaborated in recent years with Rhapsody of Fire as a backing vocalist on the albums “Legendary Years,” “The Eighth Mountain,” and “Glory of Salvation”; as a singer for Andrea Poltronieri; as a substitute singer with Break Free, Queen Vision, and Markonee on the “UK Tour 2011” opening the “Hot Stage Lights Tour 2011" by Vain. As a substitute guitarist, he has collaborated with the dance music orchestra “Il Mulino del Po” and with Luca Longhini’s “Soliti Noti” in the summer of 2006. Vocal coach since 2011. He has been collaborating with the Estense Music Academy of Ferrara since 2014, and since 2019 also at the San Giovanni di Ostellato location. Since 2013, he has been collaborating with Delta Music Modern of Lagosanto.



Born in Carpi (Modena) in 1990. As the son of an artist, he developed an early interest in music and began studying the piano. At the age of 12, he fell in love with low frequencies and, alongside the piano, started teaching himself the electric bass. He embarked on a semi-professional career, performing live and recording in studios. At 16, he began studying Classical Composition at the Conservatory of Modena. His passion for modern music, particularly jazz, led him to leave Italy for the Netherlands, where he pursued jazz studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. During these years, he specialized as an arranger, educator, and musician, studying with renowned artists such as Glenn Gaddum (electric bass), Jeroen Vierdag (electric bass), Lené te Voortwis (electric bass), Theo De Jong (electric bass), and David De Marez (electric bass). He also had the opportunity to participate in numerous masterclasses, studying closely with musicians of the caliber of Gary Willis, John Patitucci, Dominique Di Piazza, and Jeff Berlin. Throughout his studies, he was involved in numerous projects and collaborations, and in 2015, he officially joined Barock Project.