11 Aprile 2024

The new music journey of Barock Project: “Time Voyager”

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The Barock Project officially release their seventh studio album, “Time Voyager”. This work marks an epic foray into the world of time, offering a sonic journey through the dimensions of history and the future.

The band declares: “Time Voyager is much more than just an album: for us, it’s a portal to the depths of time, a journey through the darkness of the past and the uncertainties of the future.”

The new studio album is a voyage where the songs are like doors opening onto unknown dimensions, traveling through the darkness of the past and the uncertainty of the future. In this album, time is not just a straight line, but an intricate labyrinth of infinite possibilities.

Barock Project, Marzo 2024
“Time Voyager” represents a natural evolution for the Italian-made prog group.
As stated by Luca Zabbini, the founding keyboardist and leader of the band:

“While in our previous works we explored different themes and musical approaches, this record stands out for its deep immersion in the theme of time travel. We wanted to create an album that not only captures the ear but also transports the listener, evoking in them a sense of the passage of time.”

In musical terms, “Time Voyager” features new sounds, arrangements, and structures that reflect the complexity and depth of this concept. The band has deepened the collaboration among its members, bringing different perspectives and innovative ideas to the creative process of the album.
Formed in 2003 by keyboardist Luca Zabbini, Barock Project is one of the most prominent bands in the international new-prog scene. In 2007, they released their first album, Misteriose Voci, followed by six more studio albums, four steps of a crescendo that brought them to numerous festivals and concerts in Italy and abroad.

Time Voyager coverAfter the last foreign tours and a forced break due to the arrival of the pandemic, Barock Project resumes live activity in prestigious European festivals, as well as a brief Italian tour alongside PFM, when they begin to bring to life the music of the new album.
Twelve new tracks for over seventy minutes of explosive music.

“Time Voyager,” the band’s first entirely self-produced and self-released album, will be available on all digital platforms and at major music retailers from June 3, 2024, while pre-sales will open at the end of April.

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