Barock Project 2019 b
Barock Project 2019 b
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the new studio album out June 3, 2024

“Time Voyager is a journey through the folds of time. Songs are like doors that swing open into unknown dimensions, traveling through the darkness of the past and the uncertainty of the future. In this new record, time is not just a straight line, but an intricate labyrinth of endless possibilities.
With 12 new tracks, over 70 minutes of length, this album represents a natural evolution for us as a band. While in our previous works we explored different themes and various musical approaches, this record stands out for its deep immersion into the theme of time travel. We worked intensely to create a sonic experience that transports the listener through different dimensions, blending elements of nostalgia with futuristic visions.”

TIME VOYAGER will be released on JUNE 3rd, 2024 in a wonderful CD Digipack format and in digital.

  • "A concept album that explores the theme of time travel with intricate and varied tracks. The 'Voyager Suite' is the album's highlight, featuring complex melodies and exuberant instrumental sections."
    (The Progressive Aspect)
  • "A triumph for Barock Project, with exceptional production and masterful execution of the time travel theme. Each track brings something unique, showcasing the band's creativity and technical prowess."
    (Prog Radio)
  • "An album marking significant evolution for Barock Project, with intricate arrangements and a seamless fusion of rock and orchestral elements."
    (Ingo Vogelmann)
  • "A magnificent blend of melodic progressive rock and baroque orchestrations. Each track is rich in detail and offers an engaging listening experience."
  • "An album that captures the essence of progressive rock with a compelling narrative and excellent sound quality. The tracks 'Carry On' and 'Voyager’s Homecoming' are particularly memorable." (
  • "A majestic work that showcases Barock Project's ability to create music that is both accessible and complex. A musical journey that enchants from beginning to end."
  • "A masterpiece that deserves multiple listens to appreciate all its nuances. The band has outdone itself with this album."
    (Profil Prog)
  • "A brilliant example of how progressive rock can evolve without losing its essence. The baroque and jazz influences enrich the album, making it unique."
    (Rock Progressif Italien)

About the new album

Watch Barock Project talking about Time Voyager


The second single taken from the forthcoming album 'Time Voyager'


Listen the first single from Time Voyager

released on March 15th, 2024


The new BAROCK PROJECT – The Boxset, which contains the band’s studio record history,  released on February 19th, 2021.
6 cd, including:
– Misteriose Voci / Rebus in a completely remixed and remastered edition.
-Coffee In Neukölln / Skyline / Detachment in remastered edition.
-Seven Seas

Plus 5 bonus tracks and the detailed history of each record.


Onstage around the world
Live in Tokyo 2018
Live in U.S.A.-Rosfest 2018
Hertogenbosch- Holland 2018
Trading Boundaries U.K. 2019
Night Of The Prog Fest , Germany 2022
Tuscany Hall, Firenze - Italy 25 Nov. 2022